Why Use SIPs?

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Innova Panels are an extremely low VOC emission building material (no offgassing).
A green building technology—less waste on the job site

HURRICANE RESISTANT. Our SIP panels are tested to 230 MPH.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY. Engineered and Manufactured In-House to Exacting Standards and Specifications

FIRE RESISTANT. MGO SIPs walls will stop fires from spreading from interior to exterior and vice versa for added safety for your family.

MOLD RESISTANT. MGO SIPs are mold & mildew resistant

ENERGY SAVINGS. Highly energy efficient, reducing power consumption cost up to 70%

INSURANCE SAVINGS. Buildings built with MGO SIPs qualify for premium reductions up to 50%

LOWER COSTS. Fast, simplified construction means reduced labor cost and equipment cost for construction.
The SIPs system means a smaller HVAC system which will lower utility cost.