Labor Savings

SIP construction provides lower labor costs, easier, faster construction, less job site waste and ease for meeting code requirements. Traditional stick frame construction takes approximately 259 hours for completion whereas SIP construction takes only 126 hours. According to BASF’s time-motion study SIP construction takes 2 times less to complete for wall, roof and dormer window installations.


Reed Construction Data/RSMeans BASF Corporation—Time & Motion Study

Key findings that emerged from the Time & Motion Studies:

•             The use of prefabricated Structural Insulated Panels resulted in significant time and labor cost savings. Erection of the SIPs walls, roof, and dormers took 45% of the labor hours expected for conventional construction. •            Rough-wiring the electrical appurtenances in the SIPs walls took 89% of the labor hours expected for rough wiring in a conventional house. (Hourly rates for the electricians were the same for both types of construction, so the labor cost savings matched the labor hour savings.)

Other advantages for SIPs include:

•             SIPs eliminate the need to install exterior sheathing, thermal insulation, and housewrap separately. The SIP sandwich panels come preassembled, which reduces installation time. •          Precut openings: with door and window openings already cut, there is less labor required on the job site to install SIPs.

Typical completion Time of Approximately 12 days for a 4BR/3BA House

A normal project can take 6-8 months where with SIPs that can be cut down to as little as 60 days! ”

Less Waste, Reduced Labor, Accelerated Construction Schedules, Less Site Inspections

With the use of a MgO SIPS panel, drywall can be eliminated which further reduces the time and cost of construction.